Take One Vocational Youth Media Internship

TAKE ONE is a bi-annual, hands-on vocational media internship and mentorship program provided free of charge to youth participants ages 18-25 residing in San Diego.  This program is also inclusive to non Asian youths from other under-served communities who wish to learn about the API culture and/or pursue careers in the media industry.

Spring internship period is from April 4 – June 27, 2020. 



Eric Michelson
Creative Director / Instructor

With over 20 years of tv/film and video production experience including producing, directing, writing and editing, Eric Michelson‘s experience includes corporate training programs, commercial spots, music videos, live fashion and music events to short films and documentaries.


Eric is the owner of Carma Media Productions and has co-produced 4 seasons of Cathlyn’s Korean Kitchen including Top Chef Korean Food Challenge and Hansik Stories for tvK24, ArirangTV and PBS. Since 2014, Eric had co-produced, directed and edited 2 seasons of Asian Voices show. Since 2016, he has been instrumental in mentoring and providing hands-on vocational media workshop to API youths through Take One Youth Internship program.
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Cathlyn Choi
Supervisor / Instructor

Dubbed "Korean Food Ambassador" by the media, Cathlyn is a multi award winning TV show host and producer of the first Korean TV cooking show in English on PBS called “Cathlyn’s Korean Kitchen" and Asian Voices, a cultural and educational television program featuring Asian and Pacific Islanders, community, art, culture and events in Southern California.

Cathlyn is the co-owner of CNA Digital Media Marketing Services, specializing in digital media marketing and TV/Film production. In addition to being the founder and board chair of Asian Culture and Media Alliance, Cathlyn serves on the board of Taylion High Desert Academy and is the President of Korean Women’s International Network, San Diego Chapter. In addition to 20 years of international business development and new media marketing background, Cathlyn has over 18 years of experience as a reporter, TV show host and MC in Korea, Brunei and US.
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Nathan Tafao
Assistant Instructor
Nathan Tafao is an America Samoan Videographer based out of San Diego. His venture into film accidentally started at home recording his eldest son Kavi making home videos and somehow led into landing his first job as the Videographer/editor for the El Camino High School football team. Soon he would start his own business and create what is now known as Bigghead Productions.
Over the past 10 years Nathan has grown his business by working with companies such as Island Block Radio, Aiga Foundation, AIM Ministries, Seven60 Athletes, Poly Atamai, IMUA and many more. He has since expanded his services and now specializes in wedding videography. He is most passionate about spending quality time with his wife Shannon and 3 kids Kavi, Keanu and Kobe.
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One of ACMA’s core objectives is to provide educational opportunities and mentorship programs that inspire our future generations of Asian and Pacific Islander filmmakers, producers, writers, directors and media technicians. ACMA offers young adults, ages 18-25 years old, a unique opportunity to participate, at no cost to them, in a vocational media internship program called TAKE ONE.

By providing these youth from this under-served community, regardless of their financial background, opportunities to learn hands-on television and film production vocational skills as well as gain valuable leadership, teamwork, self-development skills, we believe TAKE ONE can also foster a better sense of pride and self-identity within their communities. We also encourage them to create original ideas and projects based on their own perspectives and experiences as Asian Pacific Islanders that can even possibly help to inspire and shape the perspectives others that can even affect the futures of their communities.