About ACMA

About Asian Culture and Media Alliance

Asian Culture and Media Alliance, or ACMA, is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2013 by Asian American community activist and TV personality Cathlyn Choi.

Our mission is to provide a voice of unity, awareness and empowerment in serving the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities through the power of Television, Film and New Media.

Our objective is to promote commonalities and build cultural bridges amongst all Asian communities through educational and media programs as well as networking events.

Our vision is to become a center for inspiring media arts advocacy, education, vocational training and original content creation in serving the needs of the large diaspora of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in the US.

Below are some the media programs and annual events that ACMA offers throughout the year:

ACMA Programs
Annual Events

If you would like to become in one or more of our programs or events, contact us at info@acmasocal.org.