E4Women Webinar Series


E4Women is a Webinar series produced by ACMA designed to empower and activate younger generations of women of color–especially women of Asian American and Pacific Islander descent–who aspire to pursue pathways in entrepreneurial business and seeking personal growth.

In each Webinar, we will explore different topics including media, business, film. A distinguished panel of experts in these fields will discuss methods, technologies, and strategies for success, as well as share their personal experiences as women of color in pursuit of their dreams.

The first E4Women in Media Series is co-sponsored by the Korean Women’s International Network (KOWIN) San Diego Chapter.

Recent E4Women Webinars

E4Women in Culture: Bibimbop Cookoff

In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Asian Culture & Media Alliance presented a cooking showcase of made-at-home bibimbap. Event participants were able to submit their own cooking videos to ACMA to share their personal takes on a traditional Korean dish, whether it was using vegan ingredients or their own special ingredients relevant to their cultural heritage! Our attendees were welcomed by celebrity chef, Cathlyn Choi of the PBS cooking show, Cathlyn’s Korean Kitchen, and Chef Bernard Guillas the Executive Chef at the Marine Room in La Jolla, CA.

E4Women in Health & Wellness

E4Women in Health & Wellness was created to provide women with insight on the various mental health issues that continue to affect them during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Additionally, we discussed natural remedies and practices that come from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that could help provide temporary relief to some people.

E4Women in Business

The E4Women in Business Webinar featured a discussion amongst special guest panelists Kat Mai, Sasha Suresh, Mylen Yamamoto, and Cathlyn Choi, followed by a Q&A session from the audience members. Each woman shares their personal stories and advice for aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs. While each of these leaders faced many challenges, they have been able to find their own success.

E4Women in Media

Our first E4Women Webinar focused on bringing the talent and influence of established women creators, writers, and speakers. In the large space of the film and media industry, E4Women provided professional insight on how to navigate one’s career as an Asian American woman. The E4Women in Media Webinar was co-sponsored by the Korean Women’s International Network (KOWIN) San Diego Chapter.

About Korean Women’s International Network or KOWIN

With over 130 Chapters globally, Korean Women’s International Network or KOWIN was established in 2001 with the launch of South Korea’s Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF). It’s mission is to empower and promote networking among Korean female leaders around the world, support their advancement in the global community, and nurture international and professional expertise in the next generation of Korean women.  

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