Take One Youth Media Arts Program

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TAKE ONE is a Media Arts Program that was created to inspire and cultivate the next generation of storytellers and media creators through documentary films focused on our community.

TAKE ONE is an annual, vocational hands-on media training and internship program provided free of charge for Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) high school and transitional youth participants.

Although our emphasis is on AANHPIs ages 16-25 residing in Southern California, this program is inclusive to anyone from other under-served communities regardless of age, gender, race and abilities, who wish to learn about the AANHPI culture and/or pursue careers in the competitive television and film media industry.

​One of ACMA’s core objectives is to provide educational opportunities and mentorship programs that inspire our future generations of storytellers, producers, writers, directors and media technicians. To provide such resources, ACMA founded TAKE ONE in 2016, where over 298 participants have graduated. You can meet all of our TAKE ONE Alumni here.

By providing creators from under-served communities an opportunity to learn hands-on television and film production vocational skills as well as leadership, teamwork and self-development skills, we believe TAKE ONE can also foster a better sense of pride and self-identity within the communities they serve.

We also encourage our participants to create original ideas and projects based on their own perspectives and experiences that can even possibly help to inspire and shape the perspectives of others that can also affect the futures of their communities. You can view previous TAKE ONE Projects and short films on our YouTube Channel.


Orientation: June 10 @10am – 11AM

Stage 1: Screenwriters Workshop (June 10 – July 1)

Saturdays @10am – 1pm via Zoom

Stage 2: Production Workshop (July 8 – July 29)

Saturdays @10am – 3pm | In-person, San Diego

Stage 3: Short Film Project (August)

TAKE ONE Summer 2023!


Our program provides Take One Interns the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the latest tools, techniques, and best business practices used in film production.


Take One Interns are allowed creative exploration as they develop unique stories and perspectives to represent the diversity of our growing world.


Under the guidance of our board of industry professionals and changemakers, students are encouraged to challenge stigmas of fear and ignorance in their communities and industry.

TAKE ONE is a 12-week, in-depth curriculum divided into 3 stages or knowledge blocks focused on i) Story Development & Screen Writing ii) Production Tools & Principles and iii) Producing & Directing.

Each stage is 4 weeks long, providing students the opportunity to develop and apply their knowledge and newfound skills onto ACMA’s media projects such as Asian Pacific Voices TV and Asian Pacific Voices Radio as well as short films. With exploratory assignments, the TAKE ONE Program allows students to build and strengthen their portfolios and prepare to break into the industry – no matter their level of skill.

After completing Stages 1-3, up to 2 TAKE ONE Graduates may be selected for ACMA’s 3-month Media Fellowship program, where they will have the opportunity to write and produce their own short films, funded and supported by ACMA, as well as have exclusive access to mentorship and networking opportunities with industry professionals.

Curriculum Snapshot

Stage 1 – Story Development & Scriptwriting

  • Narrative, documentary, and creative styles of film & media
  • Developing ideas and storylines for television & film

Stage 2 – Production Tools & Principles

  • Pre-production
  • Lighting, Grip, Cameras, Shooting
  • Post-production
  • Video Editing

Stage 3 – Producing & Directing

  • Producer Responsibilities
    • Pitch Decks
    • Budgeting & Capitol
    • Script Breakdown
  • Director Responsibilities
    • Storyboarding
    • Shot Lists
    • Blocking Scenes
    • Directing Talent

ACMA Media Fellowship and Internship

  • Learn and experience
    • Stipend and Resources Provided to Produce Short Film (TBD)
    • Distribution Determination
    • Marketing Model for the Project
    • Talent Casting, Location Scouting/Permitting
    • Exhibition / Screening
TAKE ONE Pathway Breakdown

We highly encourage any aspiring filmmakers, regardless of their skill and experience level, to apply for the Take One Program. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified about ACMA’s TAKE ONE Program and other Internship Opportunities: CLICK HERE to sign up for our newsletter.

Take One Instructors and Mentors

Eric Michelson (He/Him/White)
Creative Director / Instructor

With over 20 years of tv/film and video production experience including producing, directing, writing and editing, Eric Michelson‘s experience includes corporate training programs, commercial spots, music videos, live fashion and music events to short films and documentaries.


Eric is the owner of Carma Media Productions and has co-produced 4 seasons of Cathlyn’s Korean Kitchen including Top Chef Korean Food Challenge and Hansik Stories for tvK24, ArirangTV and PBS. Since 2014, Eric had co-produced, directed and edited 2 seasons of Asian Voices show. Since 2016, he has been instrumental in mentoring and providing hands-on vocational media workshop to API youths through Take One Youth Internship program.
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Cathlyn Choi (She/Her/Asian)
Supervisor / Instructor

Dubbed "Korean Food Ambassador" by the media, Cathlyn is a multi award winning TV show host and producer of the first Korean TV cooking show in English on PBS called “Cathlyn’s Korean Kitchen" and Asian Voices, a cultural and educational television program series. 

Cathlyn is the co-owner of CNA Digital Media Marketing Services, specializing in digital media marketing and TV/Film production. In addition to being the founder and board chair of Asian Culture and Media Alliance, Cathlyn serves on the board of Taylion High Desert Academy and is the President of Korean Women’s International Network, San Diego Chapter. In addition to 20 years of international business development and new media marketing background, Cathlyn has over 18 years of experience as a reporter, TV show host and MC in Korea, Brunei and US.
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Brittany Wang (She/Her/Asian)
Assistant Instructor (Screenwriting)

Brittany Wang is a Chinese-American screenwriter, pursuing her MFA in Writing for the Screen  and Television at the University of Southern California. She was born in Tianjin, China and  immigrated to the United States with her parents when she was five years old.

Brittany completed  her bachelors of arts at the University of California, Los Angeles, majoring in Business Economics  and double minoring in Global Studies and Accounting. While at UCLA, she supplemented her business course load with classes in film history, production, and screenwriting courses. She often  reached out to the professors at the film school to attend classes on an informal basis, auditing  lectures whenever she had free time between her actual classes.  Upon graduation, Brittany worked as a rotational associate at a large consulting firm, working in  financial advisory for a wide array of public and private companies in the mergers and acquisitions  space. While she worked her corporate day job, Brittany continued to pursue her love of  screenwriting in her free time. After taking a leave of absence from her corporate job to pursue  filmmaking full-time, Brittany worked as a freelance production assistant for music videos,  commercials, and documentary films, until beginning her MFA.
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Alijah Jacob Buada (He/Him/Asian)
Assistant Instructor (Directing/Producing)

Alijah Jacob Buada is a Filipino-Chinese-American Storyteller born in San Jose, California, and raised in Stockton. He excels in writing and producing and works professionally as a Project Manager and Storyboard Planner.

He looks up to storytellers like Anthony Bourdain, Haruki Murakami, and Eddie Huang. Buada is a 2021 TAKE ONE graduate and ACMA's film media arts fellows. 
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Esteban Quintanar (He/Him/Hispanic)
Assistant Instructor (UPM)

Born and Raised in San Diego, Esteban Quintanar is a Mexican-American film enthusiast and freelance filmmaker. He has worked on a variety of student-led short films and worked his up the latter from Best Boy Grip to 1st AD. 

He pulls inspiration from directors like Kathryn Bigelow, Michael Mann, and Martin Scorsese. Esteban’s favorite films at the moment are A24’s Waves, Casino, and Catch Me if You Can.
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Ian Ordonio (He/Him/Asian)
Assistant Instructor (Sound)
Pulling inspiration from both the local music scene and coming of age films, his favorite movies are Mid90s (2018), Baby Driver (2017), and Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016).
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Ryan Stanly (He/Him/Mixed)
Assistant Instructor (Grip)

Ryan Stanly is an emerging filmmaker and musician. He has been interested in storytelling and creating visual media content since he was 13. Since 2014, Ryan has written, produced, and edited. He currently operates his own production business called Ryan Stanly Productions.

... providing production and post-production services. Ryan graduated from ACMA's Take One program in 2019, and has been assisting with the production of Asian Voices TV including as an assistant instructor for Take One program.
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Elliott H. Jung (He/Him)
Trial Attorney

Elliott H. Jung grew up in Los Angeles where he watched his immigrant parents trying to survive in a completely different culture. He found his life’s calling when he attended law school at Southwestern Law School in downtown Los Angeles, and is currently a partner with Hepburn, Hernandez, & Jung.

He was first accepted to work at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office Appellate Unit and was then chosen to work for the Honorable Mark E. Windham handling a variety of criminal matters that were assigned to him by the Judge. He has since then worked with the Honorable Ronald S.W. Lew, Senior United States District Court Judge for the Central District of California and the Federal Public Defender’s Office. He was invited to teach as an adjunct professor at California Western Law School teaching the school’s main trial skills program and guided law students into becoming an effective advocate for their clients. Elliott also coached law students to compete in local and national trial competitions against other prestigious law schools.
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Izzy Traub (He/Him)
VFX Supervisor

Izzy Traub is a VFX Supervisor from Whistler, BC, Canada. He first got into VFX at the age of 14 and started his professional career in 2013 as a VFX artist and quickly became a VFX Supervisor. Most recently, he VFX Supervised The Bear season 1 (on Hulu), 

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (on Roku), and most recently finished up on The Creator for New Regency. 
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Kayleb Lee (He/Him)

Kayleb Lee is an independent American filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. He’s a USMC Combat Veteran and graduated Summa Cum Laude from The Los Angeles Film School. He’s produced six award-winning short films, including three he directed and edited.

Julie Lew (She/Her)
Fox Searchlight Pictures

Julie began her career filming live music concerts and working in the camera department on various film and television sets. She helped oversee production of the Emmy Award-winning interactive series ARTIFICIAL and the revival of the hit web series EMMA APPROVED, based on Jane Austen’s novel.

Showrunner Bernie Su let Julie join the writer’s room of EMMA APPROVED, because although she had no prior writing experience, she possessed a lot of extraneous knowledge about Jane Austen. She’s been interested in making a living out of coming up with stories ever since. Julie recently graduated from USC’s Peter Stark Program. By day, she works at a production company, and by other parts of the day and night, writes and produces her own projects. Julie aspires for her work to spark conversations about positive social change, and to use her voice to challenge prejudice, fight discrimination, and uplift diverse stories.
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Monte Simard (He/Him)
Motion Designer

A professional motion designer and cinematographer, Simard brings a versatile skillset and curiosity for problem-solving to every project he works on. He thrives about solving problems in high-pressure situations.

I'm most comfortable using Cinema 4D, Octane, Substance Painter and Designer, 3D Coat, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Audition, and Ableton Live, but I also have experience with Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush, V-Ray, Unity, Unreal Engine, Nuke, Fusion, Resolve, Final Cut, and Pro Tools.
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Shaina Ghuraya (She/Her)

Shaina is currently a Writer and Netflix Animation, and a graduate of the University of Southern California's Master of Fine Arts program in Film and Television production. She jokes that she is a triple threat (disabled, Punjabi, and a woman), and is a fierce activist for people with disabilities.

Shaina has developed her style as a director - bold, unrelenting, and quirky - focused on making comedies that promote diversity and inclusion. ​Shaina is also one of the founders of the production company Rebuilt Minds where the goal is to produce stories that embrace diversity and explore intersectionality.
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Sina Hajhassan (He/Him)
Career Coach

As Entertainment/Media Chair, then President of the Undergraduate Communication Society, Sina got to live his passion of leading a team and helping his peers get clarity in careers within the communications industry through our organization’s offerings. 

He also coached students and friends on professionalism, using LinkedIn, resume writing and job interviewing. Sina served as a Senior LinkedIn Champion and Director of Triton LinkedIn Group, a program that was only offered at eight college campuses in the nation. Working with his team, the Career Center at UC San Diego and actual LinkedIn employees, Sina got to further develop his knowledge and skills in career coaching.
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Son Nguyen (He/Him)
Senior Recruiter @ LinkedIn

Son is currently the Senior Lead Campus Business Recruiter at LinkedIn. He is responsible for hiring and coaching entry-level talent for 300+ business and technical roles in the SF Bay Area, Chicago, New York, and Dublin. 

Prior to joining the talent acquisition team at LinkedIn, he worked in recruiting for Target Headquarters as well as college admissions at Notre Dame, Columbia, and Michigan. He was born and raised in Bellingham, WA to Vietnamese refugees. Son is the first in his family to attend college and holds a BBA of management consulting from the University of Notre Dame along with an MS of strategic communications from Columbia University. He is passionate about his Fighting Irish, Seattle sports, and coffee.
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