For 2023, the Asian Culture & Media Alliance (ACMA) is committed to implementing the expansion of our Take One Youth Media Arts program by reaching out to San Diego area high schools in offering our under-served youth from BIPOC communities with a science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM/CTE) training and internship program designed to cultivate innovative digital media technologies with related areas of media career development to inspire these youth to explore careers in digital media arts.

Due to socioeconomic and cultural barriers, many youth within these communities are often not exposed to media arts learning and career development opportunities. Media Arts is still considered a “non-traditional” career field, especially for younger women of color, who are often not encouraged to pursue careers in media.

ACMA will expose young learners to real-world opportunities through project-based learning by integrating personal and career development with accessibility to industry-standard digital production tools and resources. More specifically, our youth’s inherent talent, potential, and enthusiasm will be nurtured through creative learning and standards-based education that includes key subject areas of applied science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, serving as a comprehensive vehicle to greater success in life.

The National Endowment for the Arts defines media arts as “all genres and forms that use electronic media, film, and technology as an artistic medium or a medium to broaden arts appreciation and awareness of any discipline. This includes projects presented via film, television, radio, audio, video, the Internet, interactive and mobile technologies, video games, immersive and multi-platform storytelling, and online streaming.” 

The competencies comprising media arts learning are critical to solving the complex and ever-evolving needs facing our diverse workforce. The artistic processes of creating, presenting, performing, producing, responding, and connecting are fundamental to arts education and student success across all domains. These creative processes in media arts also increase learner empowerment, improve cognitive performance, and develop critical learning skills, civic engagement, and student’s ability to make connections by accurately transferring knowledge and information through impactful, literate, purposeful, and socially responsible narratives. 

For our future generations to be prepared to address global challenges, they must be able to think creatively, critically, and innovatively. This program will elevate our future diverse creators by effectively integrating the processes in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM).

ACMA looks forward to providing these opportunities for youth to achieve their full potential in pursuing their goals and dreams!