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As a sponsor and supporter of ACMA, you will be helping us accomplish our core mission to unite, create awareness and promote the Asian Pacific American communities through the power of Film, Online and Television Media.

ACMA offers sponsorship opportunities in the following areas:

Sponsorships and donations are tax deductible. For information on ACMA sponsorship programs and packages, please send email to info@acmasocal.org

We are also seeking ad sponsors to support Season 4 of Asian Voices! The ad spots will be permanently embedded onto our program for maximum exposure, reaching over 30 million households through various cable TV networks!

If your business or organization is interested in advertising opportunities, recommend someone to be featured on the show or would like to have a :30 second commercial ad spot produced, please send email to info@acmasocal.org

Thank you for supporting ACMA’s mission to promote and empower the Asian and Pacific Islander communities through Media!