ACMA Staff Members

Asian Culture & Media Alliance Staff Members

ACMA’s Staff Members facilitate all organization functions.

Cathlyn Choi
Executive Director
Dubbed "Korean Food Ambassador" by the media, Cathlyn is a multi award winning TV show host and producer of the first Korean TV cooking show in English on PBS called “Cathlyn’s Korean Kitchen" and Asian Voices, a cultural and educational television program featuring Asian and Pacific Islanders, community, art, culture and events in Southern California.
Eric Michelson
Producer/Program Instructor

With over 20 years of tv/film and video production experience including producing, directing, writing and editing, Eric Michelson‘s experience includes corporate training programs, commercial spots, music videos, live fashion and music events to short films and documentaries. Eric provides direction both on-camera and behind the scenes for ACMA Projects.

Nathan Tafao
Program Instructor

Nathan Tafao is an America Samoan Videographer based out of San Diego. His venture into film accidentally started at home recording his eldest son Kavi making home videos and somehow led into landing his first job as the Videographer/editor for the El Camino High School football team. Soon he would start his own business and create what is now known as Bigghead Productions.

Jasmine Nauta
Digital Marketing Assistant

Jasmine Nauta (she/her/hers) is Filipino-Chamorro American and has graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a degree in Communication and Business in Spring 2020. After being involved with the Asian & Pacific Islander Student Alliance and The Lab, Dance Community at UCSD, Jasmine continues her work with empowering the artistic and social justice communities around her. As a second-generation Asian-Pacific American, she looks forward to sharing the unique stories and experiences that come with being an Asian and Pacific Islander American.

Megan Shimizu
Program Assistant/Production Assistant

Megan Shimizu (she/her/hers) recently graduated from UC San Diego with a major in Communication, and a minor in Writing. She is passionate about film making, with a special focus on screenwriting. As a half-Japanese woman who has experienced life around the United States, she has learned to love and appreciate a variety of communities and cultures. Megan hopes to work with other passionate filmmakers to bring the stories of those who are not conventionally given attention by the media a chance to be seen and appreciated on screen.

Jane Perry
Goodwill Media Ambassador

Jane has 17 years of experience in the broadcasting industry. She is a content creator of YouTube channel Serene Teaching and was a TV & Radio reporter at Arirang TV in Korea where she also did voice acting for TV commercials. In addition, she was a news commentator (World Biz Brief,, contestant of a reality show (Find the Best English Teacher in Korea, MBC every1) and a TV show script translator (Eyes on Korean Business, KBS World). She has also built her acting experience by playing Gini in ACMA’s short film "Butterfly".

Jane holds a Master of Cultural Journalism from University of Westminster in London, UK. She is a published author of OPIc Punch series which are focused on business interview skills in English. She has worked for various global companies as a business interpreter since 1999 and hosted numbers of global events in English. In addition, she taught business English at various companies including Samsung Group, Hyundai Innocean, Kia Motors and General Electronics in Korea. In 2015, Jane achieved a certificate for teaching Korean at San Diego State University. Since then, she has taught Korean to several American government officials and also has done numbers of interpretations for California DMV office and hospitals to assist Korean residents in San Diego. She translated K-Pop Korean by Darakwon in 2016.
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Bonu Gu
Assistant Editor

Bonu studies Visual Media at Palomar College, San Diego. As an international student from Korea, Bonu strives to bring new cultural perspective and understanding through his work in media. 

Bonu specializes in video editing, and aspires to create both personal and universal stories through his work. He currently assists in producing and editing content for ACMA and Cathlyn's Kitchen–a Korean culture and food platform made by ACMA founder Cathlyn Choi. Bonu is a Take One Media Program Alumni, and continues to aid the program as a mentor and leader.
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Jake Solorzano
Digital Marketing Intern

Jake Solorzano (he/him/his) is a communication and business major at the University of California, San Diego graduating in 2021. He is half Filipino and Ecuadorean with a new found passion to empower the API community through new social mediums. 

Jake hopes his work in media and marketing will empower minority voices. Being a male breast cancer survivor, he lives everyday like it’s his last.
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Isabelle Wong
Digital Marketing Intern

Isabelle is a third year student at UC San Diego, majoring in communications and minoring in business. From dancing, to painting, to producing media, storytelling is and has always been one of her passions. As a Filipino and Chinese American, she is excited to help represent and spread Asian culture within the media. 

One day, she hopes to use her creativity in a professional setting to pursue a career in media production or marketing, making a difference
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Sophie Truong
Production Intern

Sophie Truong and is a senior at UCSD majoring in Cognitive Science in Design Interaction and minoring in Film Production.  She aspires to be a director of photography along with assisting with filming on production sets.

She is interested in all things visual and would love to someday bring what she sees in the world onto the big screen.
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Vivienne Vo
Production Intern

Vivienne is currently a senior at UCSD majoring in Communications and minoring in Digital Video and Film Production. Ever since she was young, she had always been interested in television and film, and loves being both behind and in front of the camera.

She hopes to bring more Asian representation to the screen and normalize seeing Asian faces and hearing Asian stories in mainstream media.
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Leslie Lopez-Santiago
Production Intern

Leslie is a Senior at UCSD and majoring in Visual Arts: Media. Born and raised in Venice in Los Angeles City. Her favorite director is Tim Burton for his unique animation style and best storytelling skills in his films.​

She hopes to bring more Asian representation to the screen and normalize seeing Asian faces and hearing Asian stories in mainstream media.
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Emily Tonnu
Media Arts Fellow

Emily Tonnu is a filmmaker, writer, and video editor based in San Diego, California. After college, she aspires to be a film/TV editor and/or writer. She is currently pursuing a B.S. in Television, Film, and New Media Production with a minor in Creative Writing at San Diego State University. ​

Darlene Do
Digital Marketing Intern

Darlene (she/her/hers) is a third year student at UC Irvine, majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Asian American Studies. Growing up in Little Saigon, Orange County, she has a deep connection to her Vietnamese culture and a passion for Asian representation in the media. In her free time, she enjoys grabbing coffee, playing tennis, and karaoke.

Eleen Jahshan
Production Intern

Eleen Jahshan, I'm a Communications: TV/Film student at CSUDH. I chose my major because I love everything about media, and consume large amounts of media in my day-to-day life. My hobbies include traveling, writing, and taking walks on a nice day! I am Middle-Eastern, born in Canada, and living in Los Angeles. I am very excited to be a part of the team and create/learn in ACMA