Asian Culture & Media Alliance invites you to join us in our endeavor to sustain our impactful initiatives that serve our AANHPI community! Your contributions make a direct difference – 100% of all donations and sponsorships directly support our vital media arts programs.

Among our key initiatives, the Take One Vocational Youth Media Training & Internship Program stands as a testament to our community’s generosity. It remains a tuition-free platform for students and young professionals, nurturing industry-ready skills and personal growth, thanks to supporters like you.

Additionally, our Asian Pacific Voices Documentary cultural television series and the Asian Pacific Voices weekly Radio podcast are made possible in part through the Impact grant from the California Arts Council and largely through the generous in-kind donations from our Executive Producers.

Your support is crucial in upholding our mission to provide a unified voice, raise awareness, and empower our community. So consider making a donation or sponsoring one of our programs today to be an integral part of this transformative journey!

Please Note: All Donations are 100% Tax Deductible.


Looking for Other Ways to Give?

There are many ways in which you can donate directly to ACMA, and even donate indirectly through your everyday activities!