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APCC or ASIAN PACIFIC COMMUNITY CONNECTION website is developed by Asian Culture & Media Alliance or ACMA. The mission of this website is to connect the various Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities through an online media hub, providing vital and relevant information and resources regarding cultural and community programs, business directories as well as lifestyle and entertainment content.

APCC also provides the AAPI community with access to programs for community and economic development as well as create a unique communication channel to promote connectivity and unity between the API communities in Southern California.

This website is designed to connect and promote the various AAPI communities in our region through a centralized media platform.

APCC will serve as a virtual community beacon by promoting, empowering and creating a timely level of cultural identity through the power of mass media. The site will benefit the AAPI community by providing RSS feeds as an online resource to promote local AAPI business development, community development, community organizations, as well as distributing important information and news relevant to their communities  Various local Asian media news outlets that represent the respective AAPI cultures will share current and relative news and information between these communities.