Fiscal Sponsor

Under Asian Culture and Media Alliance’s fiscal sponsorship program, individuals or organizations approved by the fiscal sponsorship Committee can conduct cultural events and festivals as well as film, video and TV projects under ACMA’s non-profit umbrella, allowing them to apply for grants, and accept tax deductible contributions from individuals or foundations.

With a small administrative fee, ACMA has a quick turn-around for those that need a fiscal sponsor for its’ upcoming fundraising/development projects.


  • If you are working on a noncommercial film or video project, you may apply to ACMA for a fiscal sponsorship of your project
  • ACMA charges an administrative fee of 7 percent (7%) for any monies granted through it to sponsored projects. Note: a higher % (up to 10%) will be taken out if the project uses ACMA’s on line donation forms (i.e. this covers credit card fees, service fees, etc..).
  • Your project must be noncommercial in nature. You must be seeking funds in the form of grants from public agencies, foundations, or corporations, or from individual donors, including donations from fundraising benefits.
  • You must demonstrate a strong commitment to and personal involvement in your project.
  • You must present a clearly written and well-defined proposal, and realistic budget (see “How to Apply”).
  • You must show competence in the film/videomaking medium through screening an example of your work (if you’re a beginning film/videomaker, you may show a sample by other principal members of your crew).
  • All decisions regarding ACMA’s acceptance of a project for sponsorship are made by a three person Selection Committee, comprising of one staff member, two Board Members of ACMA.  The Selection Committee reviews all proposals submitted to it following staff review, screens up to 10 minutes of applicants’ sample work(s), and interviews each applicant individually (sample work is recommended).
  • Meetings of the Selection Committee are not scheduled at regular intervals, but are held when proposals are submitted and after the staff has reviewed them. The projects under consideration by the committee are not in competition with each other.
  • If your project is approved by the committee, you must agree to:

1. Keep track of all expenses connected with the project;

2. Complete and return a project status report to ACMA every six months (mandatory);

3. Spend funds administered to you by ACMA only for the project and in accordance with the budget approved by ACMA;

4. Comply with restrictions and requirements imposed on ACMA by donors, and with government requirements regarding information returns;

5. Provide a copy of any applications submitted under ACMA’s fiscal sponsorship program two weeks in advance of the deadline for review by ACMA staff;

6. Give advance notice of all potential funders for your project in order to avoid possible conflict of interest with ACMA funders; and,

7. Provide one copy of your completed project for our archives, and to list in your credits using wording similar to the following: “Our thanks to ACMA for acting as fiscal sponsor on this project.”

Please note that ACMA itself DOES NOT give funding grants through the fiscal sponsorship program, and sponsored projects are entirely responsible for their own fundraising.

To learn more about how to apply for Fiscal Sponsorship, send email to

For initial inquiries, please fill out and submit the form below.