Dancing with Bliss


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Written and produced by Tavonte Brown, directed by Gianna Pare, this production is scheduled to take place at the Grand Ritz Theater on August 12, 2023. CLICK HERE to purchase tickets today.


The story is a psychological thriller that follows the life of a young, female dancer named Bliss, who experiences a trauma so severe, she loses her grip on reality. In the end, she discovers the root cause of her suffering and is forced to muster up enough strength to overcome its influence on her. The main themes addressed are temperance, the ability to remain calm and collected during stressful situations, and courage, the ability to act in the face of fear.


While the play is not a musical per se, an original score is being created for it. The intended genre is a blend between classical and hip-hop, but with a dark twist. Furthermore, the production involves an interactive component in which the audience will be invited to follow along with particular dance numbers using specific props– that is, if they want the experience of literally “Dancing with Bliss.” This will periodically give the audience a fun distraction from the gruesome story unfolding before them, like a comedic break, but far more immersive.

Audience & Distribution

Given the mature subject matter manifested in the plot, our intended audience is primarily adults and older teenagers. The play will be marketed via social media, on third party service sites, among local businesses, at colleges, and through word of mouth. The fact that the story is a psychological thriller has already appealed to a wide demographic, likely because most local plays tend to be family-friendly; we believe that our production has the potential to be a huge success because of its unique genre, script, and score.

Project Status & Timeline

So far, the script has been written and all the talent has been recruited. Rehearsals for the actors and musicians are scheduled to begin this month. Both teams will meet for two hours every other week until the show, in addition to two full day rehearsals right before it, which will be used to go over tech, lighting, and ensure a smooth operation overall.

Key Personnel

Director: Gianna Pare is San Diego’s youngest drama prodigy. When she was only sixteen, she started a drama club at her school, River Valley High, that performed several captivating plays. The following year, she independently wrote, produced, and directed her own original production, using only the handful of resources afforded to her by the school. Moreover, before starting, she surveyed all the students at River Valley to find out what themes to address in the story. Just as she predicted, her peers were struggling to speak to their elders about sexual orientation, sexual identity, verbal and emotional abuse, and fitting in with others, so she incorporated all of these pressing struggles into her play. The end result was a gripping, yet hilarious commentary on some of the deepest issues that currently inflict her generation.

Writer & Producer: Although new to the world of theater, Tavonte Brown has been writing slam poetry and choreographing for his own group, Fuego Dance Crew, for over a decade. In addition to being an adept performer, he is also an entrepreneur, having recently started a resume writing service called Rae’s Resumes. This diverse background, consisting of both vocational and professional creativity, has equipped him with the confidence and expertise to take on the new challenge of producing his first original play.

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