Youth Webinars

ACMA Youth Webinars were created to make resources and knowledge valuable to personal and professional development more accessible to our community. Every other month, ACMA will host a Guest Panel for discussions in various topics including career development, storytelling, and community activism. Our main goal is to provide AAPI students and young professionals with the knowledge and resources they need to be successful in today’s world.

Past Youth Webinars

MediActivism Webinars

MediActivism is an online panel discussion for young adults (ages 18-25) who are interested in learning how to understand different forms of media in community activism. We believe that anyone can use media to tell a story, or create awareness and educate others about important issues and events. ACMA is honored to host a special guest panel of individuals who use their knowledge and platform to empower the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. ​We encourage student organizations and college departments to share this valuable resource with their members.


Five South Asian creators and community leaders join ACMA to share their thoughts on representation today and for the future. "Uplifting South Asian Voices" was hosted to provide a space for South Asian folks to share their experiences as filmmakers, cultural leaders, and much more.


During AAPI Heritage Month 2021, we brought attention to the filmmakers that are working to share our stories and create space for others in the industry. Our panelists focused on identity and advocacy, advice on getting into the industry, and the future of film and television media for AAPI folks.


During our webinar, "'Navigating the Space In Between' Pacific Islander American Heritage & Identity", our guest panel of Pacific Islander community leaders explore what the Pacific Islander and American identity means today. Our discussion includes Pacific culture, and how it is impacted by American identities.


We believe that anyone can use media to tell a story, or create awareness and educate others about important issues and events. During a time of racial solidarity, we hosted this webinar to provide young activists with the knowledge and tools to create a difference in their own community.

Building Pathways Webinars

Building Pathways Webinars were created to provide students and young professionals with appropriate advice and insight on building their careers. With a focus on film, television, and new media pathways, each webinar features a panel of creators and career coaching professionals.


The Peer Professionals Webinar is the second installation of Asian Culture & Media Alliance's "Building Pathways" series. "Film & Media" is focused on giving advice to students and young professionals who are making their way into the industry space–whether through work or another step in education.


Asian Culture & Media Alliance hosted a panel discussion for students and young professionals to offer the best advice and tips from recruiters, career coaches, and content creators. During the panel discussion, panelists shared advice on how to break into the job market during the COVID-19 pandemic.