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ACMA Receives Two Grants from California Arts Council

This year, ACMA was granted two grants by the California Arts Council in support of their programs and initiatives. The two grants include the "Impact Projects" grant in supporting collaborative projects that center artists and artistic practice in responding to issues currently faced by California’s communities and the "Arts & Cultural Organizations General Operating Relief"...

Small Business Grants and Loans in California

The COVID-19 Pandemic has continued to affect small businesses across the United States, forcing many to close down or cut-down on their normal business operations and offerings. Nearly 100,000 establishments have closed permanently since the beginning of the pandemic according to Yelp's Economic Impact Report. ACMA has compiled the following resources for PPP Grants and Small Business...

Asian Culture and Media Alliance and Asian Americans Advancing Justice Call on People to Have A New Thanksgiving Conversation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 24, 2020 Contacts: Jasmine Nauta, Asian Culture & Media Alliance, 562-303-4820 Michelle Boykins, Advancing Justice | AAJC, 202-296-2300 x0144 Liza Ameen, Advancing Justice - Los Angeles, 213-977-7500 x258   Asian Culture and Media Alliance and Asian Americans Advancing Justice Call on People to Have A New Thanksgiving Conversation  Groups Urge All To Talk About COVID-19 Racist Attacks Against Asian...

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Messages from ACMA Board

The ACMA Board is full of talented creators and experienced professionals in a variety of fields. This past September, we invited a few of our board members to share a little of the knowledge and expertise with our community. Linda Schwartz — She Shed Comedy Podcast Host Are you looking to start your own podcast? Linda Schwartz...

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E4Women in Media – Empowering Asian American Women

The internal struggles and "in-betweenness" of the Asian American identity are progressively becoming a mainstream topic. Learning how to embrace all aspects of one's heritage can be intimidating for modern Asian American Women, but it is the mission of some community leaders to let know other AAPI women that they don't have to be alone. ACMA's...

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E4Women in Media – Asian American Women in Film

Traditional Media Arts, which include mediums such as broadcast television and film production, remain an important part of preserving history and sharing cultural stories or experiences. From The Toll of the Sea (1922) to the modern tale of Crazy Rich Asians (2018), the representation of Asian American women in film has progressed in major ways–especially...

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E4Women in Media – Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, social media, and other online platforms are rapidly becoming one of the strongest tools in creating online brands and personalities. With the internet becoming the #1 place to share stories and information, knowing how to take advantage of its properties is key to promoting growth and visibility online. What makes ACMA's E4Women conversation about...

Call your local sources to report hate crimes.

Hate Crimes Resources for AAPI

As COVID-19 cases in Southern California continue to rise, reports of harassment and assault against Asian Americans rise as well. According to Asian Americans Advancing Justice, it is estimated that over 2,000 discriminatory incidents have taken place since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, while Ipsos and the Center for Public Integrity report that 32%...


Statement of Solidarity

San Diego, California –The Asian Culture and Media Alliance (ACMA) stands in solidarity with our Black community, as an ally in challenging the systemic violence and racism that has disproportionately impacted Black communities. Names such as George Floyd, Breanna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are just a few of the hundreds of Black individuals that have...