Voices of Change

Voices of Change

Through this special 6 part documentary project produced in response to the national crisis of hate, Asian Culture & Media Alliance hopes to bring attention to the horrific acts that have been committed toward Asian Americans in the United States through stories by surviving victims and their families.

Youth Activists Creating Awareness through Performance Arts

Asian Americans has been and are continuing to face a national crisis in our country today.

COVID-19 related verbal and even physical attacks targeting Asian Americans are escalating with no end in sight. Many have been severely injured and even murdered as a result of these brutal attacks, simply because of their ethnicity. Many victims are seniors, as they are defenseless targets. Why is this happening in a country that prides itself on being tolerant and equitable for all races?

As part of our continuing efforts to create a dialogue in finding solutions to prevent these hate crimes, ACMA is producing a stand-alone documentary called “Voices of Change” that addresses this crisis both on a local, regional as well as national level. Narrated through the perspective of our next generation Asian Americans, this program explores what societal changes they believe need to occur in order to stem these long-standing negative archetypes and false narratives that have targeted their communities for generations.

Our Documentary Project

Our goal is to ask questions and seek answers that will ultimately help foster a better understanding and awareness of the systemic and racial problems that affect our community. Through humanizing the stories we see on the news and on statistical reports, we can build compassion and empathy toward healing and eradicate the fears and ignorance that have allowed this dangerous virus of hate to spread across our nation.

This program will be balanced with showcasing the efforts by young Asian American leaders, including many local students, who are advocating for change in seeking social justice through dialogues and actions that can lead to changes in the hearts and minds of those who possess this virus in their hearts often simply the result of ignorance and fear.

Not only do we owe it to our elders and most vulnerable people in our community to share these stories, but we also have a moral obligation to our future generations of Asian Americans in building a better tomorrow for them free of this hate.

Get Involved

Sponsorship & Partners

We are seeking organizations and individuals within our community who are also passionate about helping their community overcome this hatred, and feel the need to help create a strong, unified response amongst the Asian American community and its allies.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or partner of our project, please email info@acmasocal [.] org. with the Subject Line “Voices of Change  – Sponsor/Partner”.

Executive Producers and More

Please consider joining our team of passionate filmmakers and creators as either an Executive Producer or lending your talents in helping co-host or narrate this important film project that boldly addresses this challenge we are facing.

If you are interested in joining our project team, please email info@acmasocal [.] org with the Subject Line “Voices of Change – Team”.


Our project is only made possible with the support of our community and its supporters. If you would like to contribute to the production of the film, please visit our ACMA Donations page.


All press inquiries can be directed to Asian Culture & Media Alliance at inf0@acmasocal [.] org with the Subject Line “Voices of Change – Press”.
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