Messages from ACMA Board

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Messages from ACMA Board

The ACMA Board is full of talented creators and experienced professionals in a variety of fields. This past September, we invited a few of our board members to share a little of the knowledge and expertise with our community.

Linda Schwartz — She Shed Comedy Podcast Host

Are you looking to start your own podcast? Linda Schwartz is a Comedian and Podcast Host for She Shed Comedy. In her Spotlight, Linda shares her number one piece of advice for beginner podcast hosts and soon-to-be content creators.

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Dr. Khoa D Truong — Optometrist

Protecting our eyes is just as important as washing our hands. Dr. Khoa D Truong OD shares his tips for best vision health practices in his spotlight. HINT: Get your favorite pair of shades ready to stay healthy this season!

Dr. Marissa Pei — The Asian Oprah

Sometimes we may get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A moment of meditation and relaxation can help us maintain our composure through a day of work and school. Take a minute and pause by practicing these breathing exercises with Dr. Marissa Pei.

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