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You can support the next generation of film, TV, and media creators by donating directly to the Take One Media Internship Progam. All proceeds will benefit both instruction and production for the entirety of our program. Our films and programs are only made possible by supporters like you.

The TAKE ONE Media Internship Program is a bi-annual, hands-on vocational media internship and mentorship program provided free of charge to Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) youth participants ages 18-25 residing in San Diego.  This program is also inclusive to non-Asian youths from other under-served communities who wish to learn about the AAPI culture and/or pursue careers in the media industry.

One of ACMA’s core objectives is to provide educational opportunities and mentorship programs that inspire our future generations of Asian and Pacific Islander filmmakers, producers, writers, directors and media technicians.

By providing youth creators from under-served communities an opportunity to learn hands-on television and film production vocational skills as well as gain valuable leadership, teamwork, self-development skills, regardless of their financial background, we believe TAKE ONE can also foster a better sense of pride and self-identity within their communities. We also encourage them to create original ideas and projects based on their own perspectives and experiences as Asian Pacific Islanders that can even possibly help to inspire and shape the perspectives of others that can also affect the futures of their communities. You can view previous Take One Projects and Short Films on our YouTube Channel.

Enrollment for the Spring internship program will be available in January 2021.

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Fall 2021


Alijah Jacob

Alijah Jacob Castillo Buada (he/him/his) is a Filipino-American creative and aspiring screenwriter who majors in Television, Film, and New Media with an Emphasis in Critical Studies at San Diego State University. 

He has always been invested in the art of self-expression and has worked to cultivate an intrinsic connection to writing. Alijah Jacob looks especially towards Asian creatives like David Choe and Eddie Huang as foundational blueprints to the construction of his own professional career and voice as an Asian-American filmmaker
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Andrew Cao

Andrew Cao, 24 years old, I recently graduated from San Diego State University in 2020 in General Business. Also, I am studying Visual Communications at San Diego Mesa College. 

One day I hope to become a VFX artist and video editor at Marvel. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends, watch movies, and play basketball.
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Angelica Correa

Angelica Correa (she/her/hers) is a third year student at Cal State LA, studying Television, Film and Media Studies with an emphasis in production/post-production.

She was born in Los Angeles, California but is currently living in San Gabriel, 15 minutes away from campus. Prior to college, she gained recognition for her short films and music videos in high school, winning awards from her school’s film festival, ranging from first place music video to best commercial. She hopes to gain post-production and production experience from Take One while also gaining more skills for editing and sound producing.
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Audson Tong

Ausdon Thong is a graduate from California State University of Fullerton with a degree in Cinema & TV Arts with a focus in Screenwriting.

He has loved movies and television since he was younger but noticed that there wasn’t much representation for someone like him. It was through that observation he decided to be part of new generation of Asian-American filmmakers. He is currently a host of his own produced true crime podcast on Spotify and in development of a new horror anthology podcast. His goals are to improve his craft on acting and become a director and producer in the future.
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Brittany Wang

Brittany Wang is a young screenwriter born in Tianjin, China and raised in Rockville, Maryland. She graduated from the University of California Los Angeles in 2019 where she supplemented her economics education with classes in screenwriting, production, and film history.

She is currently based in Los Angeles, where she works in M&A consulting and freelance production. Recently, her feature screenplay Motherland progressed to the second round of consideration for a Sundance Development Fellowship. She is currently working on her second feature screenplay and a variety of spec scripts.
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Christina Lee

ESAE is a self-taught producer, singer, and artist based in Los Angeles and Orange County. ESAE (pronounced ee-say) is derived from the first two syllables of her Korean name and means second generation, which is an integral part of her identity.

As a second generation Korean-American, she grew up experiencing first-hand pressures and expectations that millions of immigrants and Asian-Americans in particular face, while secretly nurturing a genuine love of music and a unique artistry born from that conflict.
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Clara Truong

Clara is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University with a deep appreciation for art of all mediums.

She is always looking for an excuse to exercise her right brain, and does so mainly through music and photography. In her spare time, Clara enjoys reading, traveling and walking other people's dogs.
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Cody LeDoux

Cody LeDoux is currently enrolled at California State University LA majoring in Television/Film/Media. Hailing from Sacramento, Cody moved to LA to pursue his career in The Film industry.

He believes that creating an amazing story from the ground up is the best feeling in the world. When it comes to Production, there is no one spot where Cody will stay, his skill set can be seen from scriptwriting to editing and everything in-between. Storytelling is in his blood and he hopes to learn a lot from Take One while promoting Asian voices and culture.
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Colin Gaja

Collin Gaja is a current junior studying Broadcast Journalism and Documentary and pursuing a minor in Sound Design at Chapman University in Orange, CA.

He originally wanted to pursue a career in film and media arts due to the time he had in high school, taking a broadcast class in his senior year. Now in college, he decided to branch from the media art part of film and move onto the film side as he grew interested in sound and sound design. He has currently worked on a couple of sets for students and non-student projects and has been a part of a couple of sports broadcasts for a club at school. He hopes to work in live sports broadcasting or do sound for a film in the future.
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Darlene Do

Darlene is a 4th year student at UC Irvine, majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Asian American Studies.

Growing up in Little Saigon, Orange County, she has a deep connection to her Vietnamese culture and a passion for Asian representation in the media. This passion has driven her to participate in the Take One program to make a visible change and impact. In her free time, she enjoys grabbing coffee, playing tennis, and karaoke.
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Donald West

Donald West is a fourth year at Cal State San Marcos, on track to graduate this year, majoring in Arts and Technology with a minor in Video/Film Production.

Donald enjoys playing and watching sports and hopes in the future to be able to combine interests of video production and sports together by working in the sports industry.
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Ina Ycasas

Ina Ycasas is currently a 2nd year student majoring in Writing for Screen and Television at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

With a love for storytelling in all forms, she hopes to write for movies and television that highlight her own Filipino-American heritage and aim to uplift the voices of Asian creatives.
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Jazmine Martinez

Jazmine Myleigh Martinez is a biracial (Filipino/Mexican) Cal State Los Angeles transfer student aiming to be a screenwriter for film and any other mediums she could get her hands on.

She has experience in journalism and other forms of content creating, with an overall love for many forms of storytelling.
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Jodson Thong

Josdon Thong is an alumni of California State University of Northridge. He graduated in the spring of 2020 and his field of study was in the Cinema & Television Arts, specifically in Screenwriting.

As a screenwriter, he has a number of stories he’d like to share with the world on the big screen one day. He’s currently in the works of producing, writing and voice acting in two fictional, audio drama podcasts.
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Katherine Perez

Katherine Alexa Perez-Rojas is a Hispanic whose family is from Nicaragua but she was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is an aspiring screenwriter who is majoring in Film/Media at Cal State LA.

She hopes to learn as much as she can when it comes to writing so she can accomplish her goals of working with a big company. One day, she wants to create a script for any movie, show or game that accepts her. Katherine hopes to gain as much knowledge as she can and is happy to be in a program like Take One.
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Lara Coker

Lara is a Communication Studies major at Cal State Long Beach. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has a deep interest in learning about other cultures.

Lara plans to continue her education by attending graduate school for Public Relations after she graduates from college. She also has an interest in Media production and storytelling.
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Lauren Yamada

Lauren Yamada is a Chinese & Japanese American filmmaker born and raised in Southern California. She is currently a senior at Cal State LA majoring in Television, Film, and Media Studies with a focus on Production and minoring in Entertainment Marketing.

She has a keen interest in physical production and has live broadcast and on-set experience. She is currently working on her thesis film.
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Merrienne Jimenez

Merrienne Jimenez is a published writer who graduated from University of California San Diego with a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature and World Cultures with a concentration in Media.

She has supplemented her studies with dual minors in Film and Ethnic Studies. She aspires to expand to videography and enter the genre of documentary to contribute to providing platforms for queer and POC voices.
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Nicole Tanaka

Nicole Tanaka is from Los Angeles, California. She has always had a passion for storytelling since she was a young girl. Currently attending Pasadena City College, she is majoring in Design Media Arts and hopes to do video and production work within the film and advertising industry.

Nicole also looks forward to sharing Asian American stories and building more diverse representation within the media.
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Oliver Real

Oliver Real Villa was born and raised in Long Beach, California, and is currently a freshman at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, majoring in Aerospace Engineering and minoring in Photography and Video.

An interest of Oliver's is filmmaking/film production which he's learned a lot about and gotten a lot of hands-on experience with over the years. A goal of his is to hopefully be a Director of Photography and operate cameras for tv shows and movies.
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Ran Ran Yang

Ran Ran Wang is a Chinese-American writer and director. She graduated from the University of Washington in 2019 with a degree in Business but quickly transitioned into the entertainment industry through an opportunity to do literary scouting.

Recently her short film The Waiting Room premiered at the West Sound Film Festival. She is currently writing features and original pilots. Her work focuses on the power of friendship and found family.
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Soo Ahn

Soo Ahn recently graduated with a film degree from Cypress College, Cypress, CA. She hopes to transfer to a four-year college by Spring 2022. I enjoy making documentaries in my free time, learning lessons from people, and watching cinematography/editing YouTube tutorials.

What she envisions learning from ACMA’s Take One 2021 internship is elevating her cinematography technical skills so I can be more confident to take on more beautiful shots on cameras, blossoming a network of local/CA filmmakers and writers, and building a portfolio she can proudly look back on. She is focused on building her portfolio for practice and so she can show others what kind of work she is able to make.
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Wendy Reyes

Wendy Reyes is a Mexican-American upcoming graduate of Cal State University of Los Angeles majoring in Television, Film, and Media studies. With 2 yrs + of editing and several PA work experiences, they are always up and ready for new accelerating challenges within the media industry every day.

Her main goal is to visually bring the art of music and performance to life with her passion for the production and editing process. Someday she hopes to hold her own production company with its main focus being music videos and the performing arts.
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William Pellegrini

William Pellegrini is a Hispanic man whose family immigrated to the United States from Honduras. He was born in San Diego, and majored in Communication at San Diego State University.

Since he was nine, William had a strong pull towards stage acting which quickly blossomed into a love for film and media. While acting is where most of his experience lies, he looks forward to learning from Take One and expanding his horizons with writing, directing, and producing.
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Fall 2020

Abigaile Caaway
UC San Diego

My name is Abigaile and I am studying Communication at UC San Diego. My career goal is to work in research, marketing, or HR for a creative media company. In my free time, I love to play music and watch movies!

Joseph Celo
UC San Diego

My name is Joseph Celo.  I am a senior at UC San Diego and former NCAA student-athlete.  I am currently majoring in Communication and am pursuing a career in the sports media and broadcasting industry.

Bailey Chan
San Diego State University

Bailey Chan is currently a sophomore at San Diego State University majoring in Multimedia and Photography with an honors minor in Interdisciplinary Studies. Born and raised in the Bay Area, she has had the privilege to be surrounded by diverse cultures as she grew up. 

Using her dad’s camera and Windows Moviemaker, she was able to find her passion for production at an early age. Some of her interests include video editing, music production, and cinematography. As a second-generation Asian American Bailey hopes to break through the multimedia industry and amplify minority voices and stories.
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Samson Chiu
UC San Diego

My name is Samson. I was raised and born in Hong Kong. I am a transfer student in UCSD and my major is communication. I am an adventurous person, I like hiking on the mountain and camping in the desert. My goal is to travel and meet people from different part of the world.

I am interested in understanding people from different culture. I want to make video of the all the places that I explored and also film documentaries about the local sides of some cultures. I want to make a world a better place from showing how beautiful and amazing the nature of the earth is, and show people others ways of living.
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Brenna Dimalanta
UC San Diego

I am an undergraduate at UCSD, studying Computer Science.  I am a Marshallese-Filipino American.  I have an interest in production and most of my experience is in technical theatre and live events.

Kenny Ha
San Diego State University

 I am currently a student at SDSU majoring in communications hoping to do work in Public Relations in the future for entertainment or video game companies. I also like to do some acting myself and have been in a few plays and wish to do more voice-over work of my own in the future.

Anshali Lala
UC San Diego

Hello my name is Anshali Lala but I go by my last name Lala. I am Info-FIjian and Nepali. I am from the Bay Area and moving to San Diego for school this fall. I go to UCSD with Communications as my major with an interest in media. 

I hope to work in the media industry, still uncertain of where in the industry but eager to take as many opportunities I can to work in this feild!
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Joshua Lee
San Diego State University

Joshua Lee is currently a 3rd year student at San Diego State University, currently majoring in TV, Film, and New Media production  Ever since middle school, Joshua has been interested in art more than anything else.

After experimenting with other subjects in High School, he has decided to continue with  visual arts . Joshua is excited to continue his journey into the world of Film and TV production through the Take One Media Internship. In his free time, Joshua enjoys playing video games, learning about computers, and taking photos.
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Jen Li
UC San Diego

A senior at UC San Diego, Jennifer majors in Communications with a minor in Media Production. Combining her culture and her love for movies she seeks to produce works in the future that will reflect her Asian American heritage in order to help foster representation in the media industry. 

On her off time she likes to find new movies to watch, some of her favorite genres including horror and obscures B movies. Other than her passion to film she likes to wind down with a cup of tea and her dog by her side.
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Stevon Marshall
UC San Diego

Moves with the silence, listens more than speaks, fits the mold of “being laid back” as California is home. Meticulous, ambiguous, and one might say ambitious, as dabbling in many things is a recurrence. Potential polyglot, aspiring artist, and a liker of literature.

Christopher Nguyen
UC San Diego

Hello my name is Christopher, Chris for short. I am a 4th year student at UC San Diego. I transferred from San Jose and I have fallen in love with San Diego ever since. I enjoy hiking, sunsets, and good places to take pictures. My motto is "Never Settle" because I expect to achieve great things in the future.

Natalie Norasingh

Natalie Norasingh is a student at UCSD with a major in Communications. She is a transfer student. She has a multicultural background of Southeast Asian, American, and European upbringing. 

She enjoys traveling and cooking. And she loves learning about new cultures. Openness and compassion is in her vision and willingness is a vital component of her philosophy. Natalie would like to bring more light to Southeast Asian culture in America and the world.
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Arleen Marmeto Rasing
UC San Diego

Arleen is currently a Communications major at UC San Diego, minoring in world literature. She’s always had a love for storytelling and movies; someday, she hopes to combine both by becoming a screenwriter.

She is also a strong believer in representation, diversity, and inclusivity both on and behind the screen. Arleen is grateful for ACMA because not only is the organization giving her a chance to enhance her screenwriting skills, but also branch out in other aspects of film production and cultivate a stronger connection with her Asian American identity.
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Leslie Lopez Santiago
UC San Diego

I am a senior at UCSD and majoring in Visual Arts: Media. Born and raised in Venice in Los Angeles City. My favorite director is Tim Burton for his unique animation style and best storytelling skills in his films.

Jake Edward Solorzano
UC San Diego

Jake is a Communication and Business major at UCSD, a proud Filipino and Ecuadorean mix, breast cancer survivor, and most importantly, the funnest person you’ll ever meet.

Andy Tapia
UC San Diego

Hello, my name is Andy Tapia and I am a Mexican-American student at UCSD, majoring in communications. I transferred from MiraCosta college last spring and I am about to start my first semester at UCSD this fall. 

I have lived in San Diego county my entire life and have always been interested in filmmaking, especially the aspect of how film directors use their life experience to tell stories unique to their lives and cultures. Although I do not plan on pursuing filmmaking as a career, I believe it is a valuable asset to understand the creative process that is involved in films to have a better understanding of human emotion and understanding one other.
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Emily Tonnu
San Diego State University

Emily is currently studying Television, Film, and New Media Production at San Diego State University. When she is not behind the scenes, she enjoys reading and hanging out with her dog, Eliza.

Sophie Truong
UC San Diego

I'm currently a senior at UCSD. As someone who hopes to have a career in media, I hope to create meaningful works that people can enjoy and someday be someone who can empower future Asian voices.

Vivienne Vo
UC San Diego

My name is Vivienne Vo and I am a student at UC San Diego. I am currently majoring in Communications and minoring in Digital Film and Video Production. I have always loved movies and hope to work in the industry after college!

Isabelle Wong
UC San Diego

sabelle is a third year student at UC San Diego, majoring in communications and minoring in business. From dancing, to painting, to producing media, storytelling is and has always been one of her passions.

. As a Filipino and Chinese American, she is excited to help represent and spread Asian culture within the media. One day, she hopes to use her creativity in a professional setting to pursue a career in media production or marketing, making a difference
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Daxuan Wu
UC San Diego

Daxuan Wu is an international student currently studying in UCSD. He majors in Visual Arts: Media, and has a minor in business. Daxuan is an aspiring media creator, and he takes pride in his cultural roots. 

His mission is to use his knowledge in media making to revitalize some parts of Chinese cultures that are being neglected in time, and use those as a source of inspiration to create media contents that would not only be appreciated by Chinese people, but to be enjoyed among international audiences.
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2019 – Spring 2020


2017 – 2018

Throughout the duration of this the Take One Media Internship Program, interns will learn about various aspects of the production process, create their own projects to add to their portfolios and have the chance to produce their own short film. Interns will have the chance to use real production equipment, from sound to lighting–while receiving instruction and feedback from seasoned film and television producers.