Take One Media Internship Projects

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Asian Culture & Media Alliance (ACMA) created the 12-Week Take One Youth Vocational Media Internship to empower young adults through film and television media. Each week, ACMA provides a variety of workshops to educate interns on the different aspects of the production process.

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Take One Short Films

At the start of the internship, program instructors divide interns into groups and guide them through each step of film production. We then allow interns the creative freedom to produce their own short film with the guidance of Program Instructors.


Take One Creative Assignments

The Spring 2020 Program was held entirely online–meaning that all workshops, assignments, and projects were made possible through online collaboration. Each week, interns were tasked with creating short films and videos related to the week’s workshop topics. They were then free to create in response to these prompts using new knowledge and what was available at home.

Stay-At-Home Stories

At the beginning of the Spring 2020 Program, we asked our interns to share their creatively shares their stay-at-home experience. While everyone’s lives changed in different ways, interns shared fun clips and interpretations of their time at home.

Horror Film Trailers

After workshops on lighting and sound effects, we asked interns to apply their new skills by creating a horror trailer. We then divided interns into two groups who worked separately on their own trailers while applying the same concepts of dark lighting and mysterious sounds. Although interns were not able to film with their groups in person, each group was able to utilize online platforms and collaboration to overcome barriers of distance.



After our digital marketing workshop, we asked our interns to create short commercials for products, services, or ideas of their interest. Each intern shared unique messages in their short commercials–from taking an old saying literally, to creating new understandings, and to encourage new attitudes within viewers.



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We now offer our program twice a year! Application periods will open during late-March for Spring Semester and late-June for Fall Semester. While the program lasts 12-weeks, there are plenty of opportunities to stay involved with our organization. Find more information on how you can get involved with ACMA, or how you can support team here.

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