Take One Fundraising Campaign

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Take One Fundraising Campaign

Hello and Thank you for your interest in helping us with our fundraising campaign called “Inspiring the Future of Media!” The main objective of this campaign is to raise $4,000 to fund the acquisition cost of a replacement camera needed for both our TAKE ONE youth media internship program and our self-funded TV Show, Asian Voices!

Broadcast Camera Purchase

We are urgently in need of an HD production camera that can both fill the vocational requirements of our TAKE ONE internship workshops, as well as for the production of our Asian Voices TV show. Please donate a minimum of $100. You can also increase the donation in $100 increments up $1,000. Thank you!


Who is Asian Culture and Media Alliance?

The Asian Culture & Media Alliance, or ACMA, is a San Diego based 501(3)(c) grassroots nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a voice in creating  better cultural awareness & empowerment for the Asian Pacific American (APA) community through media arts, specifically television and film.

Did you know that the APA community is the fastest growing minority community in the US, yet is the most under represented in media?  Unfortunately, this community is also frequently misrepresented in television & film. Cultural and language barriers also prevent the APA community from having a unified “voice” of their own in media.

ACMA’s Media Programs:

In addition to producing our own self-funded television show called Asian Voices, ACMA also offers a free media internship program called TAKE ONE to our under-served Asian youth. They learn valuable vocational media skills, access to job networking opportunities, as well as  foster better self-identify with their Asian cultural roots.

TAKE ONE hopes to inspire the next generation of Asian Pacific American youth to seek careers in the film and television industries by teaching them skills sets such as writing, producing, directing, shooting and editing. TAKE ONE also focuses on personal development, team building and leadership skills. TAKE ONE provides a rare opportunity for these young interns, from high school to college age, with opportunities to work alongside industry professionals on actual TV & film productions, including Asian Voices.

Why do we need a camera?

One of our main broadcast cameras was stolen approximately 5 weeks ago. We are urgently in need of a replacement HP production camera that can both fill the vocational requirements of our TAKE ONE internship workshops, as well as used on the production of Asian Voices.

In order for Take One interns to learn about current technologies as well as ensure Asian Voices can continue to meet stricter broadcast standards for cable TV, we need your support!

When do we need the camera?

TAKE ONE class have already begun and we are under a production deadline to produce and deliver additional episodes of our TV show, so time is of the essence (literally!) to raise the funds necessary to fulfill these two important requirements before June 15, 2018!

Importance of your donation:

Your kind donations will assist us in not only in developing our future Asian American media professionals, but also support our TV show Asian Voices, and allow ACMA to continue with its overall mission of serving the APA community through media arts. By supporting ACMA, you will be supporting this entire grateful community!

Benefits offered to donors:

As an added bonus, if this campaign is successful, all contributor’s names will be listed in the end credit role of Asian Voices, for one season, as well as our website, so please don’t hesitate to make a donation today!

Other ways to support ACMA:

  • Please share this campaign with your friends and family on social media and help create awareness of our organization and our important mission!
  • Like us on Facebook @acmasocal
  • Subscribe to our Youtube channel @asianculturemediaalliance
  • Follow us on Twitter @acmasocal

On behalf of the entire Asian Pacific American community, the Asian Culture & Media Alliance thanks you for your kind support!

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